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World CleanUp Day 2020: Yes, I Think We’ll Participate

World CleanUp Day in 2020 is on September 19th. And unfortunately, this doesn’t give me a lot of time to prepare. However, I think we’ll still do our part to help in the cause of creating a cleaner environment.

But I don’t think we’ll stop at just going around and picking up trash.

What is World CleanUp Day?

World CleanUp Day is an annual event on the third Saturday every September. It involves 180 countries whose population is concerned with the amount of trash that piles up in our cities and in the wild.

On this day, volunteers take to cleaning up the planet while providing a cleaner environment for humans as well as wild life.

The overall premise is to get people to care about their homes and the areas they live. Not only is it practical for us as a species to “clean our home,” but it helps protect the wildlife.

And speaking from someone who gutted a fish only to find a cigarette but, animals need all the help we can provide.

What Are We Doing for World CleanUp Day?

Well, to be a part of the World CleanUp Day, the first phase is to download and install the app to map out problem areas in your home location. But, since there is only two days left and I’m not sure who contributes to this in my area, we’re going to wing it.

Register and Clean Up the Nearby Park

First, I suppose I’ll signup for the individual cleanup. Thanks to COVID, I’m not sure if there are groups I can join. And, I’d prefer to spend the day outside in the sun sans-mask.

Then, we’ll walk from my house over to the park. It’s not exactly a small location, what with the large pond in the middle of it and all. And the City of Denver does a pretty good job keeping it picked up.

So, we might have to actually hunt some trash down. Then again, I could just lead us on over to Westminster. I know there’s a ton of trash over there.

In reality, I’m just eager to get out of the house to do something other than shop at Walmart. And it’s not like I have anything else to do on a lazy Saturday.

The problem is that I don’t deal with heat all that well. I am prone to heat exhaustion, so we’ll have to see how long I can bare being outside.

Luckily, the temperature is dropping, so we might get a full morning in with World CleanUp Day.

Streaming on Twitch to Boost Awareness

I am a semi-gamer, and I have my own Twitch and YouTube channels. Might as well put in some effort to stream and help spread awareness of World CleanUp Day.

And what game is more perfect for picking up trash in the wild than an afternoon of Raft?

If you don’t know, Raft is a survival game. You start off on the ocean on a very small raft. Then, you collect plastic and debris from the ocean to build up your raft, stave off man-eating sharks, and craft what you need to survive.

And if we can get everyone on board, this will be a five-person experience…a much bigger game than we’ve done in the past.

If you’re interested in watching, we’ll be streaming live on our ColoradoPlays Twitch channel.

As an added bonus, any money we make during this live stream will be donated to World CleanUp Day. This includes ad rolls, merch sales, direct donations, and income from the website.

What Are Your Plans for the Weekend?

Getting out and doing something other than sitting at my desk is good for me. And I love being active in various charities and volunteer work. I just wish I had more time to prepare something really fun.

I didn’t know this was even a thing until this morning. Still, I’m pretty excited for the weekend and look forward to helping out.

Next year, I’ll have plenty of time to plan something more extravagant. That’s just how I roll.

Now, let’s see if I can convince the kids to join me. Well, aside from the game, that is.

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