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Is it Feasible to Use Green Packaging for eCommerce?

One way that a lot of people make money online is through eCommerce. If you sell products yourself from your own warehouse, is it practical to use green packaging and shipping methods? That depends on your marketing prowess.

In reality, the next generation of consumers, Gen-Z, will pay up to 100% more for sustainable products than other age groups. That’s because the younger generations are more in tune with eco-friendliness.

What is Green Packaging?

Green packaging is that which is biodegradable or made from recycled materials. This comes in a wide assortment ranging from shipping boxes to bubble and padded mailers.

Companies such as EcoEnclose.com have a variety of products to use in eCommerce including customized box inserts and cushioning materials for more fragile shipments.

You can even pick up some algae ink and really impress the consumers by offering 100% green shipping.

The idea is to reduce waste by using and reusing green packaging. And if there is one industry that can use a bit of sustainability, it’s eCommerce.

How Much is Green Packaging in Comparison?

So, why don’t more people use green packaging when it comes to eCommerce and other shipments? Mostly, it’s because of the overall price.

In comparison, a 5x5x5 inch square sustainable box can run around $0.80 each. On the other hand, the same box is purchasable through many shipping suppliers for about $0.26 each.

If you need 100 of these, that’s a price difference of $54. And because many retailers cut as many corners as possible to make the most money, green packaging isn’t often a primary choice.

Though, I’ve got to say, the biodegradable packing peanuts were incredible when I ran my eBay shop many years ago.

In many instances, the cost of shipping using eco-friendly materials is much higher than traditional methods. However, this extra cost can be offset if you are good at engaging your target consumer.

How Can You Market Sustainability?

Nowadays, it’s not all that difficult to market your eCommerce shop. Technology has advanced in a number of ways to help small green businesses get the upper hand compared to corporate giants.

Remember the next generation of shoppers…you know, the ones willing to spend up to 100% more for sustainable products and services? If you proudly display how you’re using 100% green packaging materials and add the slight costs to shipping fees, most will pay.

For example, take that 5x5x5 inch box I mentioned above. To offset the cost, you’d have to charge your buyers an extra $0.54. For many consumers today, that’s a very small price to pay.

In reality, many shoppers probably wouldn’t even realize the slight price increase.

When selling your goods online, make sure all of your potential customers know just how green your business is.

If you use a green web host, make sure you are showing a badge somewhere stating as such. If you’re offering green packaging, make that abundantly clear before, during, and after checkout.

Well, don’t get annoying with it. Otherwise, you’ll start to look like your boasting. But, do have something on the site that shows your commitment to the environment.

From a selling standpoint, especially as the next generation of buyers start hitting up eCommerce, being more green just makes practical financial sense.

It All Comes Down to Marketing Tactics

Your ability to market your brand as a sustainable company while showing green business practices plays into the next generation of consumers. If you want to maximize your profits, you gotta roll with the trends.

Part of impressing the masses is through the use of green packaging. Don’t let the price difference scare you as just the mere mention of being green can bring in customers by the thousands.

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