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Schools Can Now Apply to Recieve Funding For Clean School Buses

The Biden Administration announced that schools from around the nation can apply for the first round of funding to transition their bus fleet to clean zero-emission school buses. In total, the first round of funding is $500 million.

The overall transition will cost approximately $5 billion dollars and occur between 2022 and 2026. This will result in over 500,000 school buses being replaced with clean alternatives. This is a big win for the environment and students.

Not only will this change help lower emissions, but it will also help curb air pollution. And this is especially effective as kids are exposed directly to bus exhaust on a daily basis. This can help reduce respiratory diseases like asthma.

Not to mention repairing an aging school bus fleet is costly and eating up school budgets in some regions. It lowers the impact volatile gas prices will have on school districts as well. Regardless of if you look at it from an environmental or financial side, it just makes sense.

Swapping out diesel engines for clean alternatives is happening, and buses are just the start.

The Administration Wants The Post Office to Follow Suit

USPS Trucks

Recently the United States Postal Service USPS announced its plans to replace its current mail truck fleet with gas-powered trucks.

Their reasoning was clearly flawed and contained several instances of incorrect information that is cited for reasons to make this change. Since then, the USPS faced strong backlash including a lawsuit to try and change this.

Replacing that fleet with more gas-powered vehicles is a huge mistake that could take decades to correct.

The administration wants the USPS to reconsider. However, due to the way the organization operates, as it is not a federal agency, the administration has limited options. For reference, not even the President can fire the Post Master General.

Instead, it requires the USPS board to actually remove the Post Master General. Another alternative is to pass legislation to reform the USPS, which could happen. As the organization has room for improvement in several areas.

This would be a significant reduction in emissions from the transportation industry, but what will actually happen is anyone’s guess. All we can do is hope.

Clean School Buses Mark A Real Change

While climate policy has been slow in the US, clean school buses really mark a big change for the country’s transportation sector.

It’s one of the first widespread transportation changes that people will see. And even more importantly, it’s directly tied to the next generation. Creating a better world for future generations to enjoy is the goal of making these changes today.

If we don’t, there won’t be a habitable world to live in, let alone enjoy. While we still have a long way to go in the transportation sector, it’s one that will be hard to miss. Perhaps public buses will be the next to experience widespread change.

Let’s hope that the USPS will make the right decision. Not only is it better for the environment, but it just makes fiscal financial sense.

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