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Review: Is the Chef’n Eco Crock Compost Bin Worth Buying?

As I grow pumpkins every year and plan to expand my garden, composting has always been an interest. But it can get messy and smelly when composting in the kitchen. Will the Chef’n Eco Crock Compost Bin solve this problem?

It’s been my experience that mammoth pumpkins seem to love coffee grounds in the compost.

Of course, one thing to consider is the smell that kitchen scraps can eventually make when it starts piling up. Composting is one thing, but making the kitchen reek is another game altogether.

It’s my hope that the Chef’n Eco Crock alleviates this issue thanks to its design.

What is the Chef’n Eco Crock Compost Bin?

The Chef’n Eco Crock Compost Bin is a ceramic container holding a 0.75-gallon removable bucket. Its white design allows it to fit just about any kitchen aesthetic without making it appear gaudy.

The lid consists of several holes drilled into the top to allow the compost to “breath” while offering a charcoal filter to reduce odors. This also helps to reduce the onset of mold, as moisture can cause it to grow quite rapidly.

The Chef’n compost bin’s size makes it ideal for smaller families or individuals while making it easier to transport your scraps to the compost heap outside. Of course, this also depends on how often you have food scraps.

For me, it’s all about composting coffee more than anything.

And this kitchen compost bin is one of the fastest shipping items I’ve ever bought on Amazon. I could buy another one this morning and have it delivered shortly after lunch.

What Can You Expect from This Eco Crock Compost Bin?

So, the unit sounds tempting, but is it really something that is worth the investment? Well, let’s take a closer look at what I’ve discovered thus far.

Since there are a lot of kitchen compost bins on the market, how does this one stand out?

Fits Easily on the Kitchen Counter

Compost Bin on Countertop

The overall shape of the Chef’n compost bin makes it easier to fit on countertops. Instead of a completely round “pot,” it’s more of an elongated oval.

I can easily store it up against the back of the counter or sit it next to the coffee maker with ease. Because I have limited counter space, the Chef’n design makes it more ideal for my kitchen.

It’s a bit smaller than other counter bins, which is one of the reasons it fits so well. But it also means it won’t be able to store as much.

Stylish Design Better than Stainless Steel Alternatives

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the Chef’n brand doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb on my countertop. Its white, ceramic pot matches virtually any decor and just looks better than some of the alternatives.

A lot of countertop compost bins look like miniature trash cans. The last thing you want to associate with your kitchen is “trash.”

But, I suppose this is more of an opinion. Truth be told, some stainless steel alternatives don’t look too bad and can also fit with various kitchen designs.

Removable Container for Easy Transport

Most countertop compost bins I’ve seen have an easy-to-remove inner container with a handle. This is so that you can remove the materials without having to tote around the actual bin.

The removable bucket just makes it easier to walk it out to the compost pile or other device you might have that is outside.

Not an Overly Expensive Item

When I decided to replace an old, plastic, kids easter basket with a real compost bin, I was shocked to see the price. I figured it was going to be a bit north of what I could afford.

The Chef’n Eco Crock was actually less than $30 on Amazon. Not only that but it was shipped almost immediately. In less than 12 hours, I was tossing eggshells into my eco compost bin.

Not the Biggest Eco Crock Compost Bin

This compost bin isn’t among the biggest on Amazon. In fact, there are bins that are roughly the same price while holding twice the amount. But I believe the difference is in the overall design and ceramic outer shell.

You can get larger bins for the kitchen, but they may not have the same “home” appearance. Meaning a lot of the bigger units do look like miniature dumpsters.

However, if you plan on storing your compost bin under the sink, then I suppose it really doesn’t matter.

Charcoal Filters Also Available on Amazon

Countertop Compost Bin in Use

One thing I hate is buying a device that needs consumable components. That’s because if the manufacturer changes the design or decides not to produce the unit in the future, you’re kind of screwed.

Luckily, you can easily find the charcoal filters en mass on Amazon. Does that mean they are here to stay? I guess that’s up to Chef’n and other manufacturers.

For now, though, it’s easy to find filters for the Eco Crock compost bin.

Ceramic Base is Good and Bad

I do like the white ceramic base for this bin, and it looks like it belongs on my countertop. However, this also means it’s not as sturdy as something made of stainless steel or plastic.

If it falls off my counter for any reason, I have no doubt that it will shatter.

The upside is that it does look good, and the ceramic surface is super easy to clean and prevents mold from growing on the surface. Aside from stainless steel, ceramic is probably one of the best materials to use for refuse and kitchen appliances.

Attracts and Maintains Fruit Flies

One of the biggest drawbacks to any indoor compost bin is that it will attract fruit flies while giving them a supply of their food source. As these little buggers can fit through the compost bin filter of the Eco Crock, they can thrive relatively well.

However, it’s not all that difficult to get rid of fruit flies or at least keep them under control. The first step is to simply empty and spray out the compost bin regularly.

Is the Compost Bin a Good Value for the Kitchen?

Composting not only reduces the amount of trash you send to a landfill but can also be used to add nutrients to gardens. As I said before, I often use it to fuel my pumpkin growth every year.

For less than $30, I can simply toss my veggie clippings, coffee grounds, and eggshells into the unit while cooking. Then when it gets full in about a week or so, I simply walk it outside to the compost heap.

The main point here is that having the Eco Crock compost bin on my countertop reminds me to not throw those things in the trash.

So, for me, this was one of the better purchases I’ve made for my garden. It means less gardening soil I have to buy from Home Depot or Lowes.

That’s one thing a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to eco-friendly products. Most of them are money-saving in both the short and long term.

Considering how much soil costs per bag, compost delivers quite a savings while providing an excellent nutritional component for your flowers, fruits, or vegetables.

If you enjoy gardening or simply want to give your grass a leg up, having compost bins are worth the investment. Although I do relish in growing pumpkins, the kitchen compost also worked extremely well for my blueberries.

How Often Should You Empty the Eco Crock Compost Bin?

A rule of thumb is to empty your countertop compost bin before the refuse reaches the top. This is to prevent mold from collecting onto the lid of your unit, which could also affect the charcoal filter.

How often you empty it will depend on how often you use the bin. For a single person, this means about once every one to two weeks. But if you prepare fresh foods often throughout the day, you may want to empty it sooner.

Also, keep in mind that any composting crock is going to accumulate mold after a time. If that is a major concern, you may want to empty it sooner.

So, if you’re having trouble putting the lid on because banana peels and onion bits are flowing out of the top, it’s definitely time to empty the bin.

How I Prepare the Compost Bin Before Each Use

I’ll use a bit of dirt from the outside to line the bottom. Then, I’ll simply add the kitchen scraps as I cook. The reason I add a bit of dirt to the mix is to let the organisms within the soil start working immediately.

Now, this doesn’t mean your scraps will instantly turn to mulch before you dump the bin outside. But I figure that giving the mixture a boost prior to going to the outdoor compost pile couldn’t hurt.

I also found that having a bit of dirt helps mix it into the heap to start enriching it prior to use in the garden.

Another thing I discovered is that mixing dirt as I tossed in kitchen scraps helped reduce the smell. It was pretty bad when I was using an old plastic jug before buying the Eco Crock compost bin.

Needless to say, my kitchen doesn’t reek of old, nasty food from the compost crock.

What Kind of Compost Bin Do You Have?

I’m pretty excited about the Eco Crock counter compost bin from Chef’n. It looks good, is a great size for a single person, is easy to clean, and helps me remember to toss scraps as I cook.

As I love to maintain a garden every year, the unit will help me save money as well as help me grow some amazing fruits and veggies. Mostly, it’s about the pumpkins, though.

Take your gardening to the next level by using kitchen scraps. It’ll make a difference for your home as well as reduce the amount of trash you put out there in the world.

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