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The PlayStation Environment Day Campaign Is Great

Regardless of if you’ve been able to purchase a PS5 or not, PlayStation users were greeted with an environment day message when they logged in. This message is to help its 106 million monthly users sign a petition to protect forests.

The event took place on Sunday, June 5th. The message announcement included a scalable QR code that users could scan and it would bring them to the Play4Forest petition. The goal of which is to ask World leaders to protect forests.

Forests aren’t only home to millions of species, but they are an effective way at slowing down climate change. Their protection benefits humanity, but unfortunately, the world isn’t doing such a great job at preserving these landscapes.

And this happens despite multiple promises to protect forests.

Why The Environment Day Campaign on PlayStation Is A Big Deal

In no uncertain terms, PlayStation is the behemoth of the gaming industry.

It has the potential to reach millions of users on a daily basis, and while gaming is popular among all ages, it can reach a younger audience. This helps ensure that younger people are aware that the choices they make have an impact.

More importantly, there’s also the chance for more interactable content concerning the environment to be introduced. Especially as one of the leaders in virtual reality gaming. And other gaming companies are already moving in this direction.

Yes, that’s right, PlayStation isn’t the only video game company trying to raise awareness.

Xbox Celebrated Earth Day in Style

Xbox celebrated Earth Day this year by launching Minecraft: Education Edition. This version of Minecraft is used to teach students the importance of recycling and how to achieve a sustainable city.

In total, there are seven lessons available. They cover a range of topics like Sustainable Farms, Forestry, Renewable Energy sources, and more.

It’s a terrific way to use one of the most popular video games of all time to promote a green agenda. On top of this, this Microsoft also launched a Microsoft Rewards campaign where it would match any donation made to the Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund.

Microsoft, as a company, has been making huge strides when it comes to sustainability, so, it’s no surprise the Xbox brand is following suit.

Gaming Can Play A Huge Role in Awareness

Gaming Awareness

Gaming is massive. It is the most popular form of entertainment around the world by a mile. In fact, even if you combined the movie and music industries together, gaming would still be bigger. There is an estimated 2.69 billion gamers around the planet.

That puts it right behind Facebook in terms of its potential to reach people.

However, I believe gaming can be the most impactful industry when it comes to raising awareness. Many games have environmental messages hidden within that players can uncover. And in some cases, you can even experience what climate change could do.

The only issue is that many of these games have been on a smaller scale. It would be great to see some AAA games put the environment front and center. If they did, there would be no shortage of people willing to play.

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