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Benefits of a Green Lawn Service, and Why I Might Make One

There are a lot of options for a decent lawn service in the Denver Metro area. But most of the ones I come across are not “green.” It might be a need that you can fill as a business idea.

Remember, most of the consumer generations nowadays care for the environment more than previous ones. This means they are far more likely to buy or spend money with a business that demonstrates a “green” initiative.

Believing in climate change or not is irrelevant. The more green you are to the consumer, the more money you’ll make. It’s really that simple.

Why a Green Lawn Service?

I was looking at my yard the other day and began thinking about ways to turn a lawn service green. Sure, I could look some up in Google. However, that wouldn’t be a unique business idea.

I wouldn’t want someone else to influence what having a green business means to me.

Free Compostable Materials

First of all, most lawn services I’ve seen simply toss clippings and bio-debris in the dumpster. And all I can think of is, “Wow, that’s a lot of compost I could put in my yard.”

But why stop there?

I know a lot of people who would buy genuine compost for vegetable and flower gardens. And all it would cost to make it right is a compost bin or tumbler.

And since I have a fire pit in the backyard, I wouldn’t mind some dead branches to put in. Besides, charcoal is good for the soil.

Making Sure Recycling is Done Properly

If you’re into recycling, and you really should be, then owning your own green lawn care service helps you contribute in profound ways.

Most people just pick up trash from their yards and toss it into a garbage sack. You would have the option to properly recycle the things you clean from someone’s yard.

And depending on what you clean up, this can lead to additional income. For one thing, you can take metal recycling to a number of places and make a few bucks.

Already Marketable

As I mentioned earlier, any green business already has a leg up when it comes to marketing. This is because eco-friendly businesses are getting far more attention today than they did 10 years ago.

While it’s practical to change business methods, how many major companies do you think would commit to eco-friendliness if not for the demands of the consumer today?

I’m sure there may be a few…but probably not as many as you would think.

Just make sure you’re not greenwashing the business. People can catch on rather quickly, and you’ll face a ton of backlash in the long run.

Electric Tools are at the Ready

One of the most common appliances for a lawn service is that of the lawnmower. But, how many of them use an electric mower to care for a client’s yard?

I bought an electric mower shortly after moving into my new house. On just a bit over half of a charge, I can mow the front and back yards with ease.

These aren’t necessarily small areas. It takes a little over 25 minutes to do both…I think? I knew I should have timed it

And I can tell you, the mower doesn’t care what’s in its way. I’ve ran over a cornucopia of stuff in the yard without slowing the mower down. Mostly, to see the power of the mower.

I also ran over a few things I didn’t see hiding in the weeds.

Sorry for the tennis ball, Penny.

Easy to Start without Breaking the Bank

Setting up a lawn service really isn’t all that expensive when you think about it. Sure, you’ll need tools and appliances, but it can still be done for far less than $1000.

The hardest part is lining up clients. This may require a bit of footwork and some targeted advertising. You could go so far as to build a green website with GreenGeeks to market your brand for less than $140 over the next three years.

But if you want to make money year-round, you’ll definitely need a lawn care plan for the winter months. Shoveling snow, cleaning up dead leaves and branches, etc.

I’d Hire a Green Lawn Service, but…

I’m the type of person who will do the lawn service himself. I don’t mind forking over a few extra bucks to support small businesses and kids looking for money. But, I use the time as an exercise routine.

Still, I bet you’d find all kinds of people in the area looking for a good, cost-effective, green, lawn service. If I didn’t have so much going on, I’d probably set one up myself.

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