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Are Environmental Protests Becoming Too Reckless?

Our planet is facing the biggest crisis in humanity’s history. And by every metric, humanity is failing to rise to the occasion. This has sparked thousands of environmental protests around the world to help raise awareness. However, they may be starting to get too reckless.

Not only have recent protests started putting themselves more at risk, but their action also put other people at risk. And this may have a terrible impact on the cause itself.

Those people who were put at risk may turn against the cause as a direct result of those actions.

It’s a vicious cycle that spawns from the world’s inability to solve climate change in a timely manner. Thus, many feel that extreme protests are the only way at this point to get attention, as the world is starting to become numb to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the worst ideas climate activists have had.

Environmental Protests Took Place On the Track of the British Grand Prix

Formula One

The most recent demonstration is perhaps the most reckless ever to happen.

Protesters stormed the Silverstone track while the event was still in progress. Or to say it another way, protesters stood on the road while vehicles were traveling at speeds of over 200 mph.

It’s a reckless demonstration that not only put the protestors at risk, but also the drivers, security, and volunteers. Luckily, these protestors were removed before anyone was injured or worse.

Possibly the most ironic part about this demonstration is that it was done against Formula One, which has already made plans to go climate neutral by 2030.

Adbusters Deflating SUV Tires

Earlier this year the environmental group known as Adbusters told its members to deflate SUV tires in well-off neighborhoods.

In fact, they even provided material that outlines how you can deflate a tire quickly. Anyone who thinks about this for a minute can probably realize how dangerous this actually is.

Most people will assume the person is a thief and may take the situation into their own hands.

Not to mention that the family may need to use that vehicle for an emergency situation. For example, perhaps they are expecting a child and the mother goes into labor. Leaving your home only to find that your tire is flat, well, It’s a disaster.

And there are about a million more scenarios where this could end up disastrous. This has already led to over 40 cases of tires being deflated in NYC.

The Extinction Rebellion Leaving Behind 120 Tons of Garbage

In 2019, the Extinction Rebellion demonstrated in London for two weeks and when they left, 120 tons of garbage were left behind.

While large-scale gatherings will always end up leaving garbage in their wake, it’s a bit odd when it’s from an environmental protest. According to the city itself, it cost tax payers $68,726 to clean up after the event.

While protesting should be a fundamental human right, this was pretty drastic, and the office received thousands of complaints from residents and local businesses.

At the very least, if you’re going to protest, make sure people actually throw their garbage away. It doesn’t set a good example when environmentalists are leaving behind their refuse.

Environmental Protests Have Good Intentions But Need to Be Safer

In no uncertain terms, these protests have good intentions behind them. And they have inspired numerous environmental policy changes. However, they can also go a bit far sometimes, which can have a negative effect.

People who might be negatively impacted by these protests won’t actually consider changing. Instead, they will use it as a personal grudge against the cause.

Thus, it’s always important to make sure these protests send the right message and are safe for everyone.

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Robert Giaquinto

Robert has been following and writing about environmental stories for years at GreenGeeks. He believes that highlighting environmentally friendly practices can help promote change in every household.

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