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See the Effects of Climate Change With Google Earth Timelapse

While there are many photos demonstrating the effects of climate change, Google has taken it a step further. The new Google Earth Timelapse feature allows users to see the past four decades of photos around the world.

As a result, anyone can view how much certain regions have changed due to climate change. These include things like watching a glacier melt, a forest disappearing, and cities being built up from the ground.

The impact humans have on the environment is in full display.

What is Google Earth Timelapse?

Google Earth added the Timelapse feature in 2013. It allows users to see various images from the past for locations around the globe and has been revamped multiple times since its addition.

In 2021, the feature was once again revamped to highlight the effects of climate change.

Today, you can view the last four decades of the Columbia Glacier Retreat in Alaska, Mining operations in Canada, the construction of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Germany, the impact of bushfires in Australia, and much more.

However, these are just the specific examples Google has picked out. You can use the search bar to search for any location on Earth.

Each of these areas shows the transformation over the course of four decades in a short video. You can also select individual years to get a closer look at any area at any time.

To date, this is the largest revamp of the Google Earth Timelapse feature.

View the Impact of Hummanity

Construction Workers

Climate change isn’t the only force at play when it comes to changing the surface of the planet.

Humans continue to build new towns, cities, roads, facilities, and structures around the world. For instance, you can check out the deforestation option to view the effects deforestation is having on the Amazon Rainforest.

These trees are being removed by illegal logging and government-encouraged fires by farmers and ranchers.

Another example of the human impact is the coastal expansion in Dubai. You can watch as the coastline changes over the decades, and it may be the biggest coastal expansion for the given time period.

And honestly, when you get down to it, climate change is also the result of humans, thus, humanity really is to blame for all of the world’s problems.

The Importance of Video Evidence

To this day, there are still people who ignore all of the research conducted worldwide that proves climate change is real and instead, choose not to be part of the solution.

This clear and indisputable evidence in video format is something that no one can argue.

And most importantly, it’s something that everyone can understand. For instance, watching the Columbia Glacier Retreat in Alaska melt is straightforward. The temperature is increasing, thus the glaciers are melting.

It’s an open and shut case for many. On top of this, Google Earth Timelapse is free and available to everyone around the Earth.

Google’s intention was to provide an easy-to-use tool that students, teachers, journalists, bloggers, business owners, and even skeptics could use to see the effects of climate change on our planet.

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