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Practically Living Green

Showing practical reasons to live green.

About Practically Living Green

Practically Living Green was created to demonstrate how anyone can benefit from simple adjustments in their lives. Whether it’s saving money, losing weight, or improving your health overall, being more “green” as it’s economical advantages.

And no, you don’t need to be a member of Green Peace to see a vast array of benefits.

That’s what this site is about; the practicality of why you should consider having a greener attitude. Of course, the decision is up to you. But ask yourself, “what would I do with the extra money saved from being green?”

Why Practically Living Green?

In hindsight, I should have picked an easier domain name for the blog. But, here we are. Though, I’m sure most of the traffic will be from Google search anyway.

Still, it’s a good way to live.

Being greener isn’t all about being a “hippy” or jumping on a boat to protest oil rigs. You can do simple stuff around the home the can vastly improve your lifestyle.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m all for living longer.

It’s Not All About Saving the Planet

While taking care of the planet is a bonus to all life, living green incorporates a lot more. For one thing, your grocery bills could decrease exponentially, the time you take off for being sick could drop, and you could find more money in your wallet.

If you like to go fishing, realize that a lot of areas are being void of certain species because of pollution. What about hunting? As logging continues, many habitats of game are becoming more scarce.

What about the gamer who stays at home on his or her computer all day? Do you know how much power you’re consuming and how it affects your electric bill?

You see, Practically Living Green is more than just buying hemp clothes and protesting oil rigs. It’s a way of life that has a ripple effect across the spectrum of humanity.

And while some green websites push for severe changes, you can contribute in a more practical way. For instance, most of us still need to drive to work, which burns gas. But what about walking to the store that is only half a mile away?

How often do you go to the beach and accidentally step on someone’s trash? Do you enjoy losing your bait on a fishing line to a piece of random plastic? Wouldn’t it be nice to go for a walk around the neighborhood without inhaling exhaust fumes?

Even if people just picked up after themselves, the world would be a much different place overall.

For example, why drop your masks and gloves on the sidewalk when there is a trash can not 15 feet away? Dropping something on accident is one thing, but purposely dropping your empty McDonald’s cup out the window at a stoplight only perpetuates the problem.

Or what about those windy days when a plastic Walmart bag seems to fall from the sky and get snagged in your tree? I can’t count the number of times I’ve picked up other people’s trash from my yard.

It’s moments like that when practically living green would make a difference. So you see, there is more behind being greener than just “saving the planet.”

It also encompasses a more peaceful existence.

Living Better is Not a Left or Right Issue

In the current political climate, living green is often adopted by the “left.” When in reality, it should be a way of life for everyone. You don’t have to lean a certain way in politics to understand or see the benefits.

For instance, do you know how much money you’ll save over the long-term by switching to an electric car? And yes, despite certain politicians pushing traditional light bulbs, LEDs are far superior in terms of saving money.

How about the amount of money you’d save in groceries simply by serving proper portion sizes? Not only will you lose weight and prevent various issues such as heart disease, but you’ll improve your finances at the same time. Not to mention how you’ll throw less food and trash away.

In reality, I’ve lost more than 80 pounds and haven’t thrown actual food away in several years just because I serve proper portion sizes. I only make what I’m going to eat. Which also reduces my monthly food budget.

That’s what this website is all about…showing why it is better for everyone to add a bit more “greeness” to their day-to-day activities.

Who Is Practically Living Green?

Michael BrockbankThis website was created by Michael Brockbank, who is far from being a tree-hugger. It’s his goal to bridge the gap between the left and right-leaning folk by demonstrating the importance of practically living green on any level.

We still drive cars, eat meat, and spend an absurd amount of time at our computers consuming power. But, we also plant our own vegetables, recycle, compost, and practice various conservative measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

In fact, we have greatly reduced the amount of trash thrown out simply by changing the way we eat and shop. As of writing this, it’s been three weeks since we took the trash out, and the can is only half-full.

We don’t believe in guilting anyone into changing their lifestyles. However, we do want to demonstrate the benefits of being more sustainable. But in the end, it’s all up to you and how you want to live.

All we ask is that you take a moment to consider the content of this website. You may find something that fits your situation which can help you today or tomorrow.

Are You Practically Living Green?

The bottom line is that you don’t need to change your entire life to make a difference. Sometimes even the smallest changes can have the greatest impact. From saving money to enjoying a day of fishing, having a more “green” attitude can vastly improve your life.

And all it takes is for you to spend a moment to read about how practically living green can make the difference.

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